Newly endorsed by The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners!

‘’An Insightful read”

What we perceive to be true becomes our reality. If we believe that an individual who has dementia is unable to bathe, dress, feed, and toilet themselves, that will become your loved one’s reality, only because you have made it so for them. This book is our attempt to provide an alternative to caring for your loved one by changing your perception of the process of dementia and therefore changing your reality of what is possible in the months and years ahead.

It’s “the little book that could”. One of the first original writings with an approach to dementia care that remains to this day a groundbreaking guide for those who have received a diagnosis, family, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. A quick read full of insights to make dementia care possible.

Book with endorsement on the cover is now available on Amazon. You can use the link below to order books.  There are a few sellers offering used books so you will need to use the link that offers “2 New from $20.00” as shown in the snip inserted below to be sure you are ordering directly from the authors.Amazon